Twin -Multiples Alternative Baby Journey Cards ® Monochrome

  • £10.99

Pack of 30 single sided Journey cards to celebrate 30 amusing things that parents of twins or other multiples might experience. These cards are a lighthearted way of remembering these amusing moments and to share with friends and family on social media! These would make an ideal gift for a baby shower or for a friend who has recently had twins or other multiples. Some of the cards are designed to be used by all siblings together whereas others are worded so as they can be used by either one baby or with their siblings depending on the situation.

This set is a sale item and will come packaged in a cellophane bag without a box.

The cards are in our Monochrome design. The cards are printed single sided and you will receive 30 cards to celebrate 30 different events. The cards included are as follows:

  • Today we let mummy have a hot drink
  • We are milk drunk
  • Today We let mummy wee in peace
  • Today We let mummy take a shower
  • Today We refused to sleep in our cot
  • Today We decided we didn't like Mummy's cooking
  • We did synchronised explosive poos
  • We kept Mummy and Daddy up all night
  • Partners in crime
  • We teamed up against Mummy
  • We did this
  • We can walk - now we can escape!
  • Today we cried all day. Just because.
  • Our Mummy is the best
  • Check out what we did today
  • Today We didn't like our car seats
  • We are both teething
  • Guess who was sick on Mummy
  • Guess who was sick on Daddy?
  • Today We had a public meltdown
  • Today Someone made a twin joke - Mummy wasn't impressed.
  • Guess who did a poo in the bath?
  • Guess who swore for the first time?
  • Guess who did a wee on Mummy?
  • Guess who did a wee on Daddy?
  • She did it!
  • He did it!
  • We aren't friends today
  • Yes we are twins
  • No we aren't identical

Please note, photo props are not included.

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