Seed Bombs

Seed bombs should be planted between April and July and should bloom between June and October.

The seeds grow best in a sunny space with loose and weed free soil. 

Before planing, soak the seed bomb in water overnight.

Place the seed bomb approx 2cm beneath the surface and loosely cover with soil and water frequently. Seed bombs can also be planted in pots, the same instructions would apply. 

Before planting, seed bombs can be stored for up to two years, in a cool dark place. If you allow them to get too warm or damp they may start to germinate.

We use a wildflower seed mix which contains the following seeds:

Purple Tansy, Californian Poppy, Cornflowers, Red Clover, Burnet, Black Medic, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Sainfoin, Field Poppy, Corncockle, Borage, Bitter Blue Lupin, Gypsophilla, Soapwort, Yellow Blossom Clover, Safflower, Love In A Mist, Dwarf Morning Glory, Cosmos, Zinnia, Chicory, Linum, Four o' Clock, Scentless Mayweed,pot marigold

Due to the way that they are made we can't guarantee how many seeds or which ones will be in each seed bomb.

Seed bombs contain coloured paper in addition to the seeds.

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