Custom Badges, Magnets, Keyrings, Mirror, Medals & Bottle Opener Keyrings - 58mm

  • £3.50

We can now create badges, magnets, keyrings, mirrors, magnets or bottle opener keyrings from your child's or your own artwork. These make ideal gifts for family and friends for all occasions, such as birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day or Christmas.

You can either download and print the template and instructions as a PDF for your child to draw on, or add an optional upgrade to have printed sheets sent to you (found here).

Once you have completed the artwork, and completed the form to let us know which items you would like to order, please send it to us for us to turn the artwork into your required products.

There are two price bands for the items, due to the cost of individual components. Badges, magnets and keyrings are priced in the lower band. Mirrors, Medals and Bottle Opener Keyrings are slightly more expensive. You can mix and match between the price band you have chosen. Eg if you select 3 badges, magnets or keyrings, you could choose 2 x magnets & 1 keyring, or 3 badges for example but you cannot choose mirrors, medals or bottle opener keyrings unless you choose the option and higher price for these.

If you order more than one item at checkout, we do not need to know what you would like at the time when you place your order and make payment, there will be a space on the form you send back with your artwork to provide this information.

Safety note: None of these items are suitable for young children due to small parts. There is risk of minor injury from pins on the badges, the rings on the keyrings or from broken glass on the mirrors.


The process:

  1. We will provide you with a link to download a PDF after checkout and we will also email you a PDF file after placing your order. Please either download the template and instructions and print them on standard copy paper (max 80gsm) or order them to be sent to you. You can use coloured paper if you prefer but it needs to be thin. Read the instructions carefully and explain to your child where to position their drawings within the template and provide them with any assistance required. In order for us to make the badges there needs to be a blank ring around the edge of each circle. Unfortunatley, we cannot add an additional printed ring on the page as this would appear on the finished product. Anything drawn in this area will not appear on the front of the badge. Please bear in mind any creases or damage to the paper will affect the finished product.
  2. Once the drawings are complete, please write below each drawing what is required and the quantity for each drawing in the spaces eg badge x 2. If you require more than one of an individual drawing, we will photocopy the drawing and use colour photocopies for the additional items. Please cross through the drawings on the page that are not needed. Please don't cut the page.
  3. Please send us your artwork so that we can make it into the required items for you. We recommend that you send them to us via recorded delivery to allow tracking of the item and to minimise the chances of it getting lost. Please use a hardbacked envelope. If you need to fold, please do so through the middle of the page ensuring you do not fold through the circle templates. You are responsible for postage costs to send your artwork to us.
  4. We will email you if we have any queries about your artwork, or if we do not receive the artwork through within two weeks of your order.
  5. Once we have made your items, we will post them out to you via recorded delivery and update the order with the tracking number. Please note timescales for processing your order may by up to 5 working days from receipt of your artwork.

Terms & Conditions

  1. You must pay postage charges to send your artwork to us. There is a risk that your artwork may get lost in the post, even if sent via recorded delivery. If it is lost and does not reach us, you can either resend new artwork, or we can issue a refund of the charges you paid for the badges etc. We cannot refund the optional extra of sending the printed sheets to you if you chose this option. If the completed badges etc get lost on their way to you, we will remake them using a photocopy of the artwork, which we will make when it arrives with us. We cannot offer any compensation for loss of artwork or completed items in the post and by ordering you accept that this does happen from time to time.
  2. As these are personalised orders, they are non returnable. If your item is damaged or faulty, we will issue replacements using photocopies of your artwork. We cannot issue replacement items if the tracking shows they arrived with you, unless an investigation is made with Royal Mail and they issue a refund. If you change your mind within 14 days of purchase and have not yet sent us artwork, we will refund your order. Once badges etc are produced, we cannot refund but we will replace if faulty.
  3. Upon receiving the artwork, we will immediately take a high quality colour photocopy of the artwork. We will use this in the event that something goes wrong during the production process and causes the original artwork to become unusable or if the completed product gets lost in the post. We cannot refund or reduce the price paid if photocopies need to be used due to damage to the original artwork, as this is an occasional occurrence as part of the production process. By ordering you accept that this may happen. There will be a slight colour difference between the original artwork and the photocopy.
  4. We will store copies of your child's artwork for the purposes of issuing a replacement order until we are satisfied that you have received your order and are happy with it, after which it will be shredded. We will not use the artwork for any other purpose or publish photos using your child's artwork without your express permission.
  5. We will email you approx 2 weeks after your order has been placed if no artwork has arrived with us to remind you to send it to us. We will send a further email approx 4 weeks after your order if artwork has still not been received. We will not refund the cost of sending the templates to you if you choose this option. After this, no further emails will be sent and your order will be refunded if no response is received. Please ensure that you provide us with a correct email address when you place your order. If you have sent your artwork, but haven't received an order fulfillment email within one week of it's expected date of arrival, please let us know.
  6. If you fail to complete your order number, name and address on the order form, we will not be able to process your order as we will not know who the artwork belongs to.
  7. We can only produce products from your own artwork, we cannot produce badges from images that you do not own copyright for, such as images found on google or images of TV characters. We cannot produce products from drawings of branded logos and images. We need to be mindful of copyright and trademarks. If producing products for adults, we will will not produce any products which contain hate speech. We will ask you to resend artwork if we cannot use it, or you will be offered a refund.
  8. The artwork needs to be drawn on thin copier paper, no thicker than 80gsm. Anything which makes it thicker such as paint, or stickers may make the artwork unusable. If your artwork is sent on thicker paper or card, we may need to photocopy it on to thin paper before using it. By ordering you accept that a photocopy may be required in order to use your provided artwork.
  9. All items made make lovely keepsakes, but they may not last forever if used on a daily basis. Keyrings will eventually snap, pins on badges may become bent, magnets may come apart if dropped or handled excessively, mirrors contain glass which may break. We will replace items which are faulty upon arrival or become faulty within 30 days of purchase but we cannot offer any further warranty.

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