Bright Floral Alternative Baby Journey Cards ®

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Alternative Baby Journey Cards in our Bright Floral design to help celebrate your journey through life's milestones and funny moments These make a unique and alternative gift for a friend or relative for a baby shower or for someone who has just had a baby.

This set is designed and printed in the U.K. on high quality 350gsm glossy white card and the cards are A6 size. They are packaged in a Cellophane bag and sealed presented in a keepsake box.

The design of the cards is a bright floral and polka dot design and features 10 differernt designs which are repeated throughout the pack. The cards are printed single sided and you will receive 30 cards with a total of 30 different designs. The cards included are as follows:

  •  Today I let me Mummy have a HOT drink
  •  I'm milk Drunk
  •  Today I let my Mummy wee in peace
  •  Today I let my Mummy take a shower
  •  Today I refused to sleep in my cot
  •  Today I decided I didn't like Mummy's cooking
  •  Today I did an explosive poo
  •  Today I took my first steps - Now I can escape
  •  Today I discovered the four month sleep regression
  •  I kept my Mummy and Daddy up all night
  •  Today I rolled over and got stuck
  •  Today I cried all day. Just Because.
  •  Today I did a poo in the bath
  •  Today I did a wee on Mummy
  •  Today I did a wee on Daddy
  •  My Mummy is the best
  •  Today I had a public meltdown
  •  Today I ate something I shouldn't have
  •  I'm a Budding Artist - Check This out
  •  Today I didn't like my car seat
  •  Today I rolled off the bed when Mummy wasn't looking
  •  Today I fell over - I gave my Mummy a fright
  •  Today I swore for the first time
  •  Today I was sick on Daddy
  •  Today I was sick on Mummy
  •  Today I learnt how to stand up - look what I can reach
  •  I like to pretend I'm an octopus when Mummy is dressing me
  •  Today I got my first tooth - Who shall I bite first?
  •  Today I was sick on Mummy
  •  Today I farted in the bath - You should have seen my face
  •  Today someone told my Mummy how to look after me - She wasn't impressed

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